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Name :- Sunil Doiphode (D)

DOB :- 19/08/69

Qualification : - MTech

Address: - R&DE Colony, New Scientist Hostel –16,Dighi, Pune-15

Mobile - 9423008902

Email - Email

Association Membership
· The Film Writers Association, 201,Richa, Off New Link Rd, Andheri(W) Membership no. - A-11080

Experience : -

1.Optioned as story and screenplay writer by Director Subhash Sehgal. (IMDB link) for the Hindi movie (title yet to be decided) to be produced by Focus Media. (shoot to be started from Nov 2011).

2. My story concept 'Honey' is selected in the first phase of a screenplay competition 'Sankalan' conducted by Mahindra and Mahindra and Bioscope ent. combinely. (sept2008)Judges - Anurag Kashyap (Satya, Black Friday) Anjum Rajabali (Gulam, The Legend of Bhagat Singh) Sriram Raghvan (Ek Hasina Thi, Johny Gaddar)

3. Written 2 songs ‘Manjul Zulzul’(Marathi) and ‘Duur’(Hindi) for the Hindi-Marathi album Amhi Puneri " which is Officially launched by Padmashree A।R.Rahman (The legendary Music Composer ) on 4th May 2006 @ 8PM; The album is composed by Mr. Prashant Pillai (Music Director - Shaitan) .  available for download on

Written all songs (6) of the patriotic Hindi song album - '1ndian', The album is produced  by 'Mahant Media' and expected to be released soon.

5. Written a short story book in Hindi 'Cyber Love' Published by Maharastra Rastrabhasha Sabha,Pune

6. Marathi translation of a short story book 'Cyber Love' published by Shivam Prakashan, Pune on 10 Feb 2007.

7. Marathi thriller novel 'Shunya' is published by Shivam Prakashan, Pune in June 2007.

8. A Marathi novel ‘Adbhut’ is  published by 'Scion Publications Pvt. Ltd, Pune' ISBN  no - 978-81-905888-9-8  July 2010

9. Running English, Hindi & Marathi Novel blogs on Internet since 2007. (To get to blogs just search by the words 'Marathi Novels' 'Hindi Novels' or 'English Novels' on any search engine. The top result is mine.)

Capabilities: - Strong in Screenplay, Lyrics, story and novel writing
(Hindi, English, Marathi.)

Job :- Screenplay writer, Lyricist, Novelist, blogger, Software Engineer. 

Objective: - To give my best as a script & song writer to the the Entertainment Industry।

Loglines of my scripts।:-

1. Cyberlove / eLove 
Genre: Love, Suspense
Logline:- Anjali falls in love with Vivek during their chatting sessions over Internet. After they meet face-to-face Anjali gets a blackmailing mail from Vivek demanding ransom otherwise threatening to publish their romance photos on Internet. Anjali fights back revealing a totally different story…
(Script in Hindi is ready & is based on my short story ‘Cyperlove’ )

2. Adbhut/ Aghast 
Genre:- Thriller, horror
 Logline:- Police finds neck cut dead bodies lied in the bedrooms, latched from inside, they do not understand how the killer enters and escapes the bedroom, a new puzzle for them other than when?, why? and where?.
(Script in English is ready & is based on my short story)

3. Black Hole/ Soul Deep
Genre:- Horror, Mystery, Suspense
 Logline:- Following the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Stella Fernandez is led by a supposed friend of her missing husband's into a mysterious world of interconnecting portals which turn out to be black holes that transcend time and reality.
(Script in English is ready/ registered with FWA, Andheri, Mumbai.)

4. Mrigajal / Illusion 
Genre:- Love, Drama, Psychological thriller
Logline:- Priya loves Vijay but Vijay loves Nayana. Priya when comes to know that Naina’s love to Vijay is nothing but a hallucination Vijay is going through, due to hereditary schizophrenia. Priya tries her best to help Vijay but…
(Treatment is ready / based on my short story ‘Holocination’/ registered with FWA, Andheri, Mumbai.)

5. Feraferi
Genre:- Comedy
Logline:- This story is about incidences happening during the single day. The day proves to be bad day for the hero. He has fight with his wife in the early morning and the series of incidences starts. He got an accident.. he is been picked by a Don... he looses his job... he is been forcefully married to a bride, a mentally challenged girl and Don's sister... But at the end the running around (feraferi) starts and things turn out to be very different...
(The treatment is ready, registered with FWA, could be made into Hindi/Marathi film)

6. Shunya (Zero)
Genre:- Suspense, Thriller
Logline:- A series of serial kills of foreign visitors happens by a serial killer in Goa during Dec Month. Ajay investigates on the case and finds that the killings are some way or the other related to zero, a number invented by Indians. While he investigates he finds most important and interesting things about the Indian history when the zero would have been invented. The questions he faces are is it terrorism, is it Hindu terrorism?
( A synopsis registered with FWA. based on a Marathi Novel 'Shunya' Written by Sunil Doiphode, published by Shivam Prakashan Pune)(Could be made into Hindi/Marathi films)

7. Honey / Madhurani
Genre:- A story of feminine power
Logline:- She is like a honey bee queen, who decides to use her feminine power to seduce and create a workforce, which would be ready to do anything she wanted. But like honey bee queen whoever comes very close to her, like drones (male bees) has to die, for he comes to know her secrets.
( A synopsis registered with FWA. based on a Marathi Novel 'Madhurani' Written by Sunil Doiphode, and in phase of publication. ) (Could be made into Hindi/Marathi Film)

8. Karane Gaya Kuchh, Kat Gayi Sali Munchh
Genre:- Comedy
 Logline:- Whenever Vijay tries to do something, always something different happens, creating problems for him as well as for others. It goes to the extent that he is on the verge of loosing his girl friend too. Finally, the series of events of doing something and happening something continues in a comic way but leads to a dramatic situation where Vijay marries the same girl in an unexped way.
(Script in Hindi/Marathi is ready & registered with FWA, Andheri, Mumbai)

9. Premlakire ... The love lines
Genre: Love, Musical, Comedy, Suspense
 Logline - Let the whole world go against them, nobody can stop their Love if their love lines match.
(Script in Hindi is ready & is registered with FWA, Andheri, Mumbai. Also the lyrics for the songs is ready )

10. Desire

Genre:- Horror, Suspense
Logline:- In a house possessed by a ghost, a couple gets terrified and fearful experiences. The house is not only possessed by ghost, but also possesed with complex human lusts, desires and ambitions.
(Treatment is ready/ registered with FWA, Andheri, Mumbai.)

This Novel in English

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  1. wonderful...!!!!i am amazed!!!
    and inspired to you...i am nothing...just a beginner...but to write may visit my blog...


  2. Hey i have read ur novels shunya n adbhut.. following since dec 07.. currently reading blackhole... Ur style of writing is just amazing... keep writing...

  3. Great i like your novel zero and the language of writing pls keep writing.

  4. Hi , Sunil .
    Tumchi site pahili . Amazing .Me net war ek marathi eknankia shodhat hoto aani tumchya site var yeoon dhadkalo .
    Tumhi mala ekhadi marathi comedy script deu shakal ka ?
    mala aamchya mandala sathi ek ~ 40 mintanche natak baswayche aahe ..comedy theme havi aahe ..
    maza email id :
    bolu mag nanter ...

  5. Dear Sunil,

    Sunder lihita aapan, gele 7 duvas tumachya blog var satat yet aahe, sarv kadambarya vachun zalyat aahet, madhurani aata vachat aahe mi rather 10 va prakaran vachun zal aahe. Next prakaranchi vat pahat aahe. Mi Nitin UK madhun software engineer aahe, search madhe tumacha blog bhetala mala. Pan tumchya kadambarya vachun prasanna vatat aahe. Asech chan lihit raha, tumhala manapasun shubhechcha.


  6. छान सर ,
    मी आपली "मधुरानी" आणि "इ लव " ही कादंबरी वाचली .दोन्हीही खुप छान आहेत .
    आपण केलेल्या प्रसंगांची मांडणी खुप छान आहे. कादंबरी पूर्ण संपवालाशिवाय वाचन बंद करावे वाटत नाही .

  7. Tumchi lekhani khupach chaan aahe.
    Ya sitevar ek heading aahe Which Novel you would like to read Next?
    Pan tya novels madhle Mrugjal, Lovelines, feraferi etc kase vachnaar? Me ya sitevar accessible sarva novels vachlet.
    Please reply dya.

  8. Dear Sunil,

    I cant see links to your other novels like Mrigjal, heraferi, etc. could you please send the same to me? on



  9. अद्भुत, ब्लॅकहोल, शून्य, ई-लव्ह या चारही कथा मी वाचल्या आहेत. सध्या मधुराणी वाचत आहे. तुम्ही कथांमधे अप्रतिम वातावरण निर्मिती केली आहे. विशेषत: ब्लॅकहोल या कादंबरीतील वातावरण निर्मिती मला जास्त आवडली. शेवटही सुंदर होता. ई-लव्ह मधे मांडलेला विषय कथा म्हणून फारसा हाताळला गेलेला नाही, त्यामुळे आवडला. शून्य कादंबरीसाठी वापरलेला अनुभव फारच दांडगा आहे. कादंबरीची पार्श्वभूमी मांडण्यासाठी तुम्ही केलेला अभ्यास चटकन दिसून आला. लेखनासाठी मन:पूर्वक शुभेच्छा!

  10. मी आपली "मधुरानी" आणि "इ लव " ही कादंबरी वाचली .दोन्हीही खुप छान आहेत .
    लेखनासाठी मन:पूर्वक शुभेच्छा!

  11. Sunil Sir,
    mi apli ad-bhut katha vachli khupach chan aahe. apla likhan khupach chan aahe. sir mi pan ek chota sa lekhakh aahe. mala pan lihinyachi aavad aahe. sadhya mi etv marathi varil commedy express sathi lihito aahe. sir majhya kade ek marathi movie chi script dekhil ready aahe krupaya aapan kahi suggest karo shakta ka mala. tumhi kahi tari salla dya mala mi aplya reply chi vat bagto sir danyawad

    maja email id :

  12. hi
    I am Mrs pooja I read your all novels on line it is realy nice to have site like this. Your writting is very good once person start reading will not stop until he finish.

  13. hi,
    sunil maine aapki novel 'shunya,madhurani' dono padhi bahut achi novel ka intazar rahega
    all the best ,danywad.


  15. मी आपली "मधुरानी" आणि "इ लव " ही कादंबरी वाचली .दोन्हीही खुप छान आहेत .
    लेखनासाठी मन:पूर्वक शुभेच्छा!

  16. sir this is wonderfull.... can i download all these stories? bcoz its very good collection in my bookshelf. plz tell me how can i download these in .pdf type. my id is wait for your reply...!

  17. Hello Sir,

    Please post new novel for all of we who loves you and your writting a lot.

    & thanks for write such a good novels till a date...

    Best Regards

  18. Respected Sir,
    Mi Aapalya Black Hole v Adhbhut hya kadambarya vacalya aahet. tya mala khup aavadlya. Mala kavita v Gani lihinyachi khup aavad aahe. Aapan majhe idol aahat.

  19. mi tumchi kadambari vachali. khupach chhan ahe.
    mala tumachi madat milel ka?
    mala ek story lihayachi ahe? tya sathi mi kay
    Ti story majhi swahtachi love story aahe.
    tya sathi mi kay karu?
    tumhi mala madat karu shakata ka?
    majha email id aahe-
    ( orkut madhe ahe)

  20. It is wonderful to find hindi novels on net. Good attempt, once I had thought of this but never initiated.

  21. me tumhachi ad bhut hi kadambari vachali
    khup chan ahe !
    mala vatat ki mi hi kadmbari lihun majhya mitrana dyavi !!
    tumhachi hi kadambari anek mitran paryant pohchavi !!

  22. qyamat tak tujhe yaad karenge , teri har baat par aitabaar karenge,
    tujhe sms karne ko to nahi kahenge par phir bhi tere sms ka intazaar karenge. Hindi Jokes.

  23. Hallo sir,
    me tumchi e-love kadambari vachali aahe, saddhya mrigjal vachat aahe...n i must have 2 say that both ur novels r really vry nice. i jus love the way u arrange the events in each of ur writing.
    NET marfat hi novels aamachyaparyant pohachali aani ti aamhi vachu shaklo yabaddal Dhanyawad!!!

  24. Hi sir
    your mrugjal kadambari is best but i am so excited read next pages send as soon as possible. and i am also read the E love this a very good kadambari.

  25. Sir, I want to read u r novel , Feraferi, latche and bhut. from where i can read that novels. please tell me.

  26. mala FERAFERI katha vachayala milel ka, uttar dya var

  27. तुमच्या सर्व कादंबर्‍या मी वाचल्या आहेत मला खूप आवडते तुमचे लिखाण तुमची मृगजळ कादांबरी खूपच छान आहे खूपच आतुर आहे त्याचे पुढचे भाग वाचण्यासाठी. ऑल दा बेस्ट फॉर तुमच्या नेक्स्ट कादांबरी साठी.

  28. feraferi / karyal gelo ek vachayala milel ka? please link dya

  29. मला खूप शॉक वाटले तुमची मृगजळचीशेवटची पोस्ट वाचून खरच सत्य किती कडू असते ना मृगजळची कथा पण सत्य घटणेवर आधारित आहे ना शेवटची पोस्ट वाचून खूप रडायला आले होते की खरच असे पण घडू शकते का? मला तर विश्वास वाटत नाही की असे पण घडू शकते. शेवट खूपच धक्कादायक होत.विजय बरोबर प्रिया पण वेडी झाली

  30. next novel konti aahe?
    lavkar post kara

  31. Sir, me tumchya adbhut ani elove kadambari wachalya....khup chhan lihilya ahet....... doghanchi theme 'prem' asan yababat kahi sangayach ahe ka? Aplya sagalya novel chi theme 'prem' ahe yach kay karan ahe ka? sangawase watal tarach sanga.force nahi... pn ajchya youthla awadel asha kadambarya ahet tumchya.thanks khup diwasani changal kahi tari wachayla dilyabaddal...

  32. Pudhachi novels kadhi yetil?
    Khupach utsukata aahe.
    Adhichya sarv novels mala khup awadalya.
    Lawakar pudhachi story liha.
    Wat pahat aahe.

  33. Sir tumi he sagl itk chan lihal aahe na ki shabd nahit te sangnya sati... khupch gr8.
    sadya net vr read krnya sarkh kahi sodhat hoti, mahiti nahi ks pn tumchya novels vachayla bhetlya..
    as watl ki itke diws asch kahi suspens, thriller n love stories vachaych hot n sagl agdi smor.. wowwww agdi mastch...
    mi aata parynt shunya, elove, ad-bhut ya novel vachlyat.. akshrsha 1ka diwsala 1 asha 3 diwsat cmplt kelya.. agdi rahvtch nahi.. kharch khupch gr8 lihta tumi n asch lihit rha..
    tumhala khup khup shubhechha..

  34. खरच खूप छान कादंबर्या आहेत या सर्व... मी ४-५ दिवसांमध्ये या सर्व कादंबर्या वाचून काढल्या आहेत... सगळ्या नोवेल्स या हृदयाला स्पर्श करून जातात... मी तुमच्या पुढील कादंबरीची आतुरतेने वाट पाहत आहे...

  35. first of all thx......... for all novels.......all are more than best..sagle kahi shabdat sangta yet nahi na.... tasech aahe he...........
    end of all best, best n best............. ani all the best for next......

  36. wonderful every novel was awesome........ every time i was thinking it's happening in front of me while i was reading really such a great novels.... waiting for next.....

  37. Hi.....sir mi tumcha ....mrugajal.....madurani .....ya kadambari wachalyat khup khup apratim ahe......<3
    take care...god blesss u....

  38. can u plz tell me the sites name to download books like madurani in pdf format

  39. नमस्कार,
    मला तुमच्या सर्व कादंबरी खूप अवडल्या, जास्त आवडली ती मृगजळ.
    तुम्ही सध्या लिहित नाहीत का? कारण मृगजळ नंतर तुमची कोणतीच कादंबरी पोस्ट झालेली नाही. तुम्ही दुसऱ्या कोणत्या साईटवर तुमच्या कादंबरी पोस्ट करता का? please करत असाल तर आम्हाला हि सांगा. आम्ही तुमच्या पुढच्या कादंबरीची आतुरतेने वाट पाहत आहोत.......

  40. Hi Sir, Tumchya sarva novels magech wachun jhalya hotya, tari pan darroj mi ekda ya blog la bhet deto, aasha aste ekhadi navin novel post jhali asel yachi, Tumchya pudhchya novelchi atishay aaturtene vaat pahat aahe..