Yes, definately, you can spread the word !

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This Novel in English

Yes, definately, you can spread the word !
Its very simple.
Simply copy the code into your 'Signature' field of the email account.
How to copy?
For yahoo mail account Goto ->Options->Signature->Color and graphics options->'tick' View HTML source, 'tick' Add signature to all outgoing messages
Copy the code from the following text area and just paste the code in the text area and save.
Its over!

The code at the base of your mail will look like this

Online Marathi, Hindi, English Novels

(Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance.. all genres)

Free subscription with your Email.

For rediffmail mail account Goto ->My settings->Add a signature
Copy the text from the above colored display (Not from text area) and just paste in the text area and save.
Its over!


For other mail accounts depending upon its signature field allows HTML or not pl. follow the appropriate procedure elaborated for Yahoo mail account or For Rediff mail account.

This Novel in English

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